Design point/pad foundations with steel or fiber reinforcement alone, or a combination with both steel and fiber reinforcement

Ensure both sufficient concrete cross section and ground bearing capacity against vertical and horizontal loads, and fixed moments

greenPad includes automatic optimization of the concrete volume as well as autogenerated documentation

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Point (pad) foundations

A point foundation, also known as a pad foundation, is a type of shallow foundation used to support individual structural elements or columns. It consists of a single, localized footing or pad that bears the load from the column and transfers it to the underlying ground/soil.

The primary purpose of a point foundation is to distribute the vertical load from the structure/column over a larger area of the soil, thereby reducing the bearing pressure on the ground/soil preventing excessive settlement. It is commonly used in situations where the soil conditions are favorable and can adequately support the loads without the need for extensive excavation or deep foundations, such as piles. They are often employed in residential buildings, commercial structures, warehouses, and other similar applications.

A point foundation is typically reinforced with steel bars or mesh, or fiber reinforcement to enhance its strength to ensure adequate structural integrity by considering factors such as vertical and lateral stability, resistance to uplift forces, and compatibility with the superstructure.

When making a design of a point foundation with greenPad, various considerations are analyzed:

  • Geometry

    • Length, width, and height

    • Column length and width, and column eccentricity

  • Geotechnical parameters

  • Loads

    • Vertical load

    • Horizontal loads in both directions

    • Moments in both directions

  • Concrete quality

  • Type, placement, and amount of reinforcement (steel bars/mesh and/or fiber reinforcement)

Based on these parameters, greenPad includes:

  • Static calculations to ensure sufficient bearing capacity of both the concrete cross section and the ground/soil

  • Autogenerated documentation

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